Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tech Stuff

I've been looking at both SNDA and SOHU for some time, as both have sold off on last quarter's guidance, and are well off year highs (SNDA from the mid $60's and SOHU from the low $70's). Interestingly, they have sold off this week on the GOOG news. Again, if GOOG really loses some or all the search revenues (a whopping couple hundred million), then someone is going to get it. Both SNDA and SOHU sell in just the couple billion marketcap range, so a few tens of millions might actually have some meaningful relevance to boost their respective values.

Not tech, but BX is the next to really take off again.

QCOM is set to dominate 4G on multiple fronts. Snapdragon in the non-Apple net book food chain will be tremendous. (No, the i-Net-book-killer won't take more than 50% or more of the net book market, though I do believe this will become AAPL's first share leading product in a category). The traditional 4G integrated circuit sales and the whopping 4G IP portfolio will also be stunning.

long AAPL

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