Monday, March 15, 2010

Tech Randoms; Quick Takes; Thoughts on BIDU

Reports of AAPL ipad pre-sales of 120k seem to be hurting the stock; I have no idea whether that number is valid or not, but I do think we will see much better sales once the product is out for a few weeks or more. As more people see the feel and use it, the better it will sell....

Is a trade war with China brewing? I'll take my usual variant stance and say this is a long time coming and would be one of the better economic developments for our country. This is one reason I like GOOG's stance so much. We have for far too long provided too much technology for far too little return.......Expect more RMBS action later this month.......More on AAPL - I suspect they will try to make iPad sales look weak, but I'm in the name until at least the mid $300's if not low $400's......

While traders always have to face facts, the news today for BIDU shorts wasn't good news, but I'm sticking with my view that I'd like to short BIDU very shortly.  Luckily I've have not shorted it yet.  My view is the GOOG pullout is largely priced in (85-90%), and this news may hurt short term but doesn't dramatically change what was already known -- especially given that we have had a substantial buy the rumor run.  If BIDU were to attain the $580/590's and hold in that range I may finally pull the trigger short with puts.

long AAPL

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