Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tech Doo-Dads

AAPL is giving those that still want in a gift on this sloppy day. I've said all along that a firm deal on VZ distribution is worth $10-15 minimum; now I'm thinking maybe $25 to $30.....This would double the sales base in the US; and would also position the iPhone more strongly in the global CDMA market. I believe this could also be a precursor to a VZ deal on an ipad data plan. Lastly, it seems many more analysts are now echoing my initial 7.5mm or greater call on iNetbookkiller (Ipad) sales in the first 12 months.....The news yesterday makes me think my price target could be low, but I'll stick with it and if AAPL blows through it then I will have to raise my low $400's target.....

Not tech, but GS is finally cracking lower; and I like the stock below $168.

And MS is possibly the best value in the space.

 HIG at current prices resembles AAPL when it was about $144.  It's not crazy cheap anymore, but it still has massive upside. That stated, I'm still severely underweight finance until I have FASB clarity.....

I need to start something in CTV; I think this is the best of breed in wireless infrastructure.

long AAPL