Monday, March 29, 2010

Tech Ponderings

I think IPOs will be strong this year, especially in tech-land.  Why? 

Well, one such piece of evidence is this story on ORCT.  When I see a ne'er do well like ORCT price a private secondary, this tells me that the market is again hungry for technology solutions and investment opportunities (not to mention deals like FNSR's, a name I like much better). That was way over-subscribed and has traded great since the deal.

Another point is that I don't think anyone realizes the amount of traffic the iNetbookkiller, lesser netbooks, handheld 3G and 4G devices will generate. And that combined with high def and 3D video over whole system will meld with various BB stimulus plans being promulgated in the coming quarters.

Bottom line, the Tech/comm Renaissance is still in its early days.

By the way, anyone else notice that Chrome's browser market share is already nearing 8%? That's simply astounding.......

long AAPL

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