Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some Random Tech Stuff/2010 Themes

So NVDA is higher on tight chip supplies? We've know that for weeks if not months. I think NVDA should be much higher on these chip constraints. However, they are in the RMBS crosshairs though I doubt the net impact to NVDA is nearly as robust as many of RMBS’s other targets.

I like both of the above names. The stock just has barely responded to incredible news. This is akin to how AAPL traded post earnings and initial iPad news and now it's exploding. I expect RMBS and NVDA to follow suit in the coming weeks.

Web-based video (3-D TV?), bandwidth, and touch-screen technologies are coming to the fore again in 2010 as the promise of 2000 will become realized in 2010.  Too early to see this yet, but I think we will hear about a very compelling broadband stimulus package within weeks/months.....

long AAPL

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