Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not A Normal Market

It was yet another day of mild action and minor gains. It certainly wasn't bad or bearish action, but it sure didn't offer the traders many new opportunities. In fact, to them, it was downright boring and it is going to remain that way until we have a good shake up and reset things a bit. I've been thinking we would have at least one bout of selling as the quarter comes to an end, but the little dip we had this morning barely pushed us into red and, of course, didn't last long. Breadth ended up slightly positive and volume was nothing special. The dollar bounced and bonds were strong early in the day, but the market just shrugged and remained extremely complacent. Many casual market observers don't understand why traders would complain about this market action. We are up just about every day and have slowly, but steadily, climbed higher. Just buy a stock and watch it rise. The problem is that it just isn't normal for the market to act in this manner for so long. It seems like some have been saying that for a month now, but that argument just continues to grow stronger and the market more difficult to trade with each successive days of gains. Maybe the end of the quarter will finally produce a change in the action, but so far, that sure hasn't been a very smart bet......

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