Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Things I Think I Think

My "jobs tsunami" notion is looking more likely. From my perch, it'll take at least 6 months for economic forecasters to catch up with the turn in jobs creation numbers close to what will transpire.....

All paths lead to Naz 2800? But even though all paths lead to Naz 2800, don't we have to have a correction to actually move higher this year or next? Or did that correction occur from December to January when we almost declined 10%?

We did have two near 10% corrections in 2009 after the run started off the March nadir......Is a really strong quarter of reports really priced into the market?

If so, then why is AAPL's forward PEG ratio still hovering below .5? Or around .35 less cash. And that's just one of hundreds of similar examples.

At $29.20 is MSFT close to the steal AAPL was in the $170's, 150's, or 120's?

I'm reminded I need to look at CHK again....The best chip company on the planet is now acting like it......

long AAPL

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