Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random Stuff

In my previous post, I disclosed that I loaded up on short-term AAPL calls; I sold almost all of my C calls for a nice short-term profit to pay for the AAPL calls. I intend to re-buy the C leap calls very shortly, probably at a lower price, to hold for the double-digits, which I think is coming within a year or 2 years....

As for HIG, the Greece noise and rating cut is giving a great entry on those who have no HIG yet. I'm already in at higher prices. I think HIG is a primary benefactor of the global economic rebound and what will become an amazing job growth engine in the coming months.

All paths lead to Nasdaq 2800 -- but not in a straight line......

TXN reported a very solid quarter and it guided strongly. Historically strong guides from TXN usually result in an even stronger pipeline for QCOM. Back to TXN, as the early entrant smartphones become the new standard for cellphones, this likely helps TXN as it tends to capitalize on big commoditization trends.

BRCM reports tonight and look for a gangbuster quarter. By no means does that portend to a higher price (post report), but if there is another stock that might pull an AAPL type explosion it's BRCM. I still think the stock trades in the $50's within months/quarters. I'm not playing myself, as I have my eye on several new positions that I'm going to focus on in the coming weeks.


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