Thursday, April 15, 2010

Random Tech Stuff

Now Gene Munster is almost at $300 on AAPL. Again, no change to my thesis and I'm sticking with my 7.5mm iNetbookkiller call (for first 12 months), and my now longstanding call that the iPhone platform will generate multiple industry leading devices and revenue streams - which I've thought since the release of the first 2.5G iPhone. I think just now investors are seeing the potential of the iPhone device platform and AAPL's patented touchscreen technology. Just wait until AAPL releases a fully functional high powered desktop or interactive touchpad for a desktop. This would be a huge leap in computing productivity and also would have implications for home/business control units for everything from security to inventory management to power efficiency and all sorts of entertainment, etc.

AMSC is surging nicely off an upgrade. I feel it is a good value in both tech and the alternative energy land.

Solars, solars and more solars. I need not say anything more as I feel this is the last dirt cheap area of technology. The catch up trade might simply be huge here. I need to add some solar "exposure."

Frankly, I continue to be a bit shocked that RMBS is still trading at just 3 times its recent settlement with Samsung. It is seeing stronger traditional demand and a huge paradigm shift in the memory space. Not to mention a pretty substantial short interest that could unhinge on one more settlement or piece of good news.

How did I not have a stake in GE, given my banking earn out, FAS 157 unwind, net interest margin, and highly variant economic strength thesis? It will likely report a very nice quarter. That said, you can't catch them all and I don't like to chase. My view is I've missed the easy and best trade on this one.

long AAPL

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