Monday, April 19, 2010

Random Monday Thoughts

With the GS news, I really need to get into MS again. I think MS is on a "harmonic convergence" path to much higher EPS results. Trading, net interest margins, new issues and secondaries and a massive catch-up trade all make this name one of my favorites in the finance space.

GS will eventually trade at a lower level. I'll wait for at least $5-10 more downside.

The NAZ is down almost a full percent versus minor selling in the other indices. This is just the opposite that should be happening and the more people sell the Naz beta the better eventual returns become....

On JPM, I'm out currently but this is approaching crazy cheap levels again. My view is more SEC actions are coming and the more that come the less of an effect on the market they will have.

SOHU should not be dropping with BIDU; I'll continue to don the bull suit on this one opportunistically.

I'm close to using the weakness to get back into CIEN, but I want to see how we play out for a few days. I'm not going to get to anxious on a couple dimes here when I'm positioning for many dollars. This continues to be my optical goto name though I've also put OCLR front and center on my screens while noting that they have a reverse split coming.

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