Thursday, April 29, 2010

Random Tech Stuff

The ridiculous:

BIDU - No change of opinion on BIDU. For clarity, I'm not in it; (sure am glad I'm not short it!) Still don't think it should be this high.

V - For being down at all after that number. I've previously pegged this to par. I'm now at $125 and looking to get in the name...

NVDA shouldn't be trading this low. Given the backdrop, I'm thinking it is at least $5 too cheap and the netbook/tablet revolution is just emerging.....

The Sublime:

FSLR's report and guidance. I continue to lean in the bull camp for now and could see the stock between $175-200 again. Long term it loses to silicon as I've fully laid out previously.

AAPL execution.

CIEN's analyst action of late. The analysts are fully moving my way, though I think most targets are still magnitudes low.

TSRA's report. It finally hit one and I think this could portend to better things to come.

The Nasdaq. Again, all paths lead to 2800: Jobs tsunami, cash fueled M&A, and key secular growth drivers.


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