Tuesday, April 13, 2010

INTC And Other Stuff

They say expectations are high for INTC, but that stock has sure been stalled for one with such supposed lofty hopes.

I think INTC will start the quarter off solidly for tech in general, though I think many companies are going to continue to play the sandbag game. So we might need to see a couple reports and analyst/trader reaction to get a good gauge of how post-guidance reactions will unfold.

My take is we will get a better read off GOOG than INTC. If the report from the search king is good to great I don't think we will see the sell the news reaction this quarter.....

GS is another name that could get some upside legs on a report like it posted last quarter. Is JPM going to be a really good report or just a monster of a good one?

Is QCOM the best big cap tech stock yet to move? I also think this quarter is going to get MSFT out of wallflower status -- at least for a while. And this is my preferred play off a good INTC quarter....

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