Thursday, April 8, 2010

AAPL's iPhone 4.0 OS And Some Tech Stuff

Did anyone think AAPL wouldn't have multi-tasking functionality?

Maybe there will be no more free upgrades on mobility software major releases. If this happens, that's good for AAPL and customers as this will be another incremental revenue generator while also being likely very fair to consumers. Remember the Snow Leopard upgrade was only $29.99. My prognostication is that mobility upgrades could be in the $5.99-19.99 range.

Looks like a lot of tools (and underlying architecture) to further assist in enterprise penetration for the iPhone platform. As I have stated earlier the iPad is going to be widely adopted in the business world and the iPhone is accelerating its share grab as well.....

As for other tech, CML missed by a couple million and is getting the woodshed treatment. I think CML is providing a great precursor to what the quarter is going to look like – if a company misses, that is not expected to miss, it will get smoked. On the other hand, I do not expect to see as severe selling of the news on solid to great reports.

Anyway, with respect to CML, I'm going to start looking at this one. I think the stock is cheap, and well positioned. Small tech companies just don't beat numbers every quarter and earnings and revenue volatility should be expected even during strong growth cycles.

I'm looking for GOOG to start trading materially better, even if the market gets choppier. Many companies of similar quality and growth have broken through to new 52 week highs, if not multi-year or all time highs. This positions GOOG for the mother of all catch up trades......

long AAPL