Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More INTC And Tech Stuff

Again, a great report from INTC - I've been an unabashed tech bull (since FAS 157 was relaxed) and previously buzzed that we would not see the "sell the news" reaction to good reports this quarter like last. But this INTC report surpassed my expectations by a wide margin. This is mainly because I see much more strength in the network/broadband, data storage and wireless segments than traditional computing.

Anyway, all this has me looking at NVDA, QCOM and MSFT with even more rigor. And the more I think about this INTC quarter, the more I think that NVDA could be really spectacular and likely the only rub may be that they didn't ship everything that they could have.

GOOG - Do we see $600-620 before the report? More importantly how long until we see new all time highs?

ADTN - very good report which portends to more strength in the group. From my perch I'll stick with other names in this space as I think they are cheaper on normalized EPS, have faster growth and ultimately more upside (like CIEN)).

MU - I still feel this stock is in launch position. Sometimes quiet traders can move the most once key levels are broken....

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