Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Can the ECB pull one out of Big Ben's playbook? Have the shorts spent too much firepower? In fact, where has the selling come from in recent weeks? Will we see a coordinated action from the EU?

All this and I haven't even mentioned Korea.

GS had a big day today in the face of generally weakened financials.

BAC is down from $16 of late, but I think this name may report one of the strongest in the group for the next couple quarters.

I’m still wondering how NVDA is trading this cheaply given a very strong product cycle forthcoming.

I think C could be in the speculative catbird's seat now with ETFC's reverse split. Last of the pennies in the SPX. So, when we do see northbound action in the tape they could see some pent-up demand on those seeking low price plays.

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