Monday, May 17, 2010

Last Hurrah Of The Doomsayers?

I got out of C on Friday; but am itching to get back into it. I will as soon as I'm satisfied AAPL's being fairly valued......C below 4 is a screaming buy; I will be back in it soon, I'm sure......Buying a stock in the high $3s on the way to $12 will be very well rewarded.

I'm also looking very closely at BAC, GS, JPM, HIG, STT and NTRS. My view is that during the last two trading days the negativity has swelled to epic proportions, as has the guest list on CNBC of gold bugs, clarion calls for big crashes, the return of the doomsday crowd-- most whom have been far more wrong than right for many years.

Meanwhile, some names (in many sectors) are seeing price levels that only make sense if we are mired in deep recession territory again.

long AAPL

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