Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Banks, Tech And The Path To....

Banks, tech and the path to...well, the path to what exactly? I can think of a lot of things: Frustration, anguish, short term losses but alas, the grail. What about short, intermediate, or long term gains? Do those even exist anymore on the long side?

At least according to the stock prices, I may be a bit early with the bank vibe. Where's BAC going? Longer term I'm looking for the $22-24 area before year end and beyond that the $30's. Although the $30's could take well into 2011.

The banks here -- again, I must be nuts-- Greece, the euro, financial reform, analysts jumping ship, my long held concerns on FASB, ....how many more can I think of?

But you know what, the more negatives I can think of the more I want to buy them here, and the more right I'll be (or could be) against a huge tidal view to the contrary......

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