Thursday, May 20, 2010


AMAT reported a really good quarter with.....wait, that doesn't matter as CNBC is showing rioters in Greece again.

FSLR upped by......wait, that doesn't matter either as the S&P is dropping on unified naked shorting ban rumors.

AAPL - smartphone market share approaching......wait, again, stop the presses, AAPL is getting killed on the levered beta trade; so sell anything tech because it has a higher beta and therefore must drop more than stocks that are average, run-of-the-mill, no growth, poor balance sheet names.

AAPL is out of ipads everywhere.....wait, I did AAPL already.

One final point......And this is actually serious. My single biggest worry right now is at seeing how easy it is/was to cause crash-like conditions into what actually is an incredibly strong underlying nascent recovery -- The Transaction Tax.

long AAPL

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