Friday, May 14, 2010


V shouldn't be this low, but it might also go lower as we won't have clarity on this for some time. I'm a wait-and-see for now, even though I know the Fed won't destroy all (if any) of the revenues from transactions; as our global payment processing network is key to economic prosperity. At best we might see a token reduction in the fee rate.

The government is now playing a dangerous game of chicken. Team Obama, in my opinion, had a near lock on a second term until recently. Heck, do we not want our very best companies in the US to also be the best positioned to compete globally? If so, then why attack our biggest and best companies to extract payment and punishment? AAPL a monopoly? All our banks are now implicated in wrong doing? V and MA are ripping merchants off? Please, are we trying to kill a very strong emerging economic recovery one industry at a time, or all the industries at once?

I think the Democrat-led majority is at an ever increasing risk of losing that majority. From my perch, they have gone past the point of pushing just enough to create proactive change to the point where now they are pushing way too far....

Bottom line is we need the jobs from everywhere, especially from finance, tech, innovation and new business growth. Moreover, we have an accelerating jobs tsunami just about ready to launch!

I'd hate to see all that end once again because of very poor policy decision making. Again, we must remember the mistakes of the past and endeavor to not repeat them.

Meanwhile, I'm looking at JNPR and CSCO, and wondering if one or both are worth a long side shot. Especially since I look at the news on V, banks, and the NY attorney general, and I totally understand why the multitudes are selling into weakness......

long AAPL

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