Thursday, May 20, 2010

obviously no bounce today

nothing that makes any real sense matters today - earnings, etc. this is all about psychology, fear. a key german vote on the 'bailout' package is tomorrow, i think. i see that one minority party, which is against the package, will be abstaining - i think. if that happens, the package would have sufficient votes, thus passing. this market needs something like that to happen; it needs something positive that can't be twisted into irrational's my opinion that if one looks back on this period in the market - may 2010 - they will be kicking themselves mightily for not buying aapl at 240......aapl is very, very cheap down here; and many positive catalysts are looming, starting in late may/early june. aapl's getting killed on the levered beta trade - the flip side occurs on the way up as well - aapl at 240 in mid-may is going to look ridiculously cheap by october, november.......

long aapl

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