Thursday, May 1, 2008

msft and yhoo

boy, in my opinion, msft is making a HUGE mistake in even thinking about purchasing yhoo - for anything over $15 a share, that is.

i obviously think msft should just walk away from the yhoo transaction. why don't they go spend $40 billion on some web 2.0 companies? or invest in some web 3.0 ideas? $40 billion would go a long way.

why not skate to where the puck is going instead of skating to where the puck has been? go buy Facebook, Twitter and a half a dozen others and cobble together the next yhoo instead of buying the old busted one.

if they wanted yhoo so much, why didn't msft buy it years ago? they had from 2000 to 2002, when yhoo could have been had for about $6 billion.

now, all of a sudden, it's some kind of revelation that you can make money on the web, Ballmer is like, "Wow, I gotta get me a piece of that!"

so msft is probably going to end up boosting their offer a couple of bucks, and spend the next three years trying to sort out the merger. yhoo employees who stay will spend the next three years trying to do nothing and avoid getting laid off.

meanwhile, vista has had a single digit adoption rate; goog and aapl continue to grow unimpeded.....

long aapl

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