Wednesday, May 7, 2008

more musings

so now the word "superspike" enters the lexicon; does it signal a top in oil prices? or not?

i'm not rich - far from it. i'm not a child, or even act childish (most of the time); so i'm not envious of the rich...."tax breaks for the rich" is the big lie come alive. under the bush tax cuts, 25 million americans at the bottom half of the income scale have been wiped off the federal income tax rolls. and the "rich"? the federal tax burden of the top 1% of earners has gone from 19% under jimmy carter in 1980 to 39.4% now. meanwhile, the bottom 50% paid 3.1% of taxes in 2005 and in 1995 they paid 4.6%. (not advocating any party or political ideology; i simply like facts)

saw an episode of the beverly hillbillies from 1964; one of the characters was in the hospital, running up a bill of gigantic proportions on $75 a, how times have changed.....

buy the homebuilder stocks after the first national homebuilder declares bankruptcy....

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