Monday, May 5, 2008


the front page of the sunday, 5/4 new york times featured a story on the use of robotics in invasive surgery and talked mostly about the pioneer in the field, Dr. Fred Moll, the founder of isrg, a company whose DaVinci machine is a pioneering force in robotic surgery.

i need to start nibbling at isrg, since i don't think it will drop to $250 per share, which is where i wanted to buy it originally.

the nyt did a good job of focusing on the growing areas of potential use for laparoscopic robotics, and how this technology is in its early stages. but it was somewhat misleading, since the article seemed to infer that insurers were against the new technology. i would find that very hard to believe since the statistical certainty of robotics seems to lower malpractice risk, and since the use of the DaVinci and laparoscopic robotics is much less invasive than traditional surgery, hospital stays are reduced. (since when do insurance companies want to pay more on claims?)

one huge beneficiary of laparoscopic robotics: the doctors. with the the DaVinci cuffs, 360 degree rotation is easily attainable. this is EXTREMELY important in nerve-sparing vis-à-vis the traditional surgeon with a scalpel.

on a valuation basis, isrg isn't cheap on any basis, but neither are a lot of quality growth stocks. i think isrg is the technology leader in an emerging medical technology, with long-term secular growth opportunities.

position: none yet; but looking seriously

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