Wednesday, May 7, 2008

the clwr deal

interesting opportunities in the s/clwr situation. one of the bigger announcements of the day in tech land is this monster s/clwr deal involving intc, goog, comcast, twc and bright house.

there are a lot of companies that may benefit here over time -- some are already moving like crnt and alvr.

however, clwr, the primary benefactor, got smashed from premarket/morning highs. it's my opinion there there is some confusion related to what happens to the old clwr. my read on the announcement is that the "old" clwr just got tendered for $20, but i'm still digging into this.

at any rate, i view this as a solid positive for clwr.

the other obvious lift should be going to intc. again, today was a bad day - the market does that sometimes - and many times the initial reaction is either too extreme or just wrong.

i think both clwr and intc move higher on this news over the coming days and weeks.

long clwr and intc

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