Thursday, May 29, 2008

more musings

oh go ahead and admit it: you loved the waltons!

does anyone really care about satellite radio?

still the best hedge fund manager book i've read - and i've read plenty of them - is cramer's "confessions of a street addict" - really gives one the picture of what it's really like working in that high-pressure, don't-make-any-mistakes world...

does it feel like an arby's night?

ibm's model DOES work - so watch out for hp now...

hey, no one is perfect: case in point: edward lampert. an extremely talented fund manager; smart as a whip; an excellent long-term record for making ALOT of money. BUT, after sears holdings' absolutely terrible earnings report (and i am shocked the stock only fell 3%), one has to wonder whether eddie's in more than a little slump. i was in a sears yesterday, and it was a wasteland of bulging racks of marked-down, non-selling merchandise. the store was clean though. the short-term and medium-term outlook does not look good for shld. lampert's invested like a genius in past years, but his decision to buy back nearly $3 billion in stock last year at a price that is roughly 50% higher than today's price is simply bad management. however, if the stock touches the 50s, i'm a long-term buyer just for the real estate.

long shld puts

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