Saturday, April 19, 2008

something of interest in today's journal

thornton oglove, a pioneer in the field of earnings quality, is profiled in Herb Greenberg's Weekend Investor column in the weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal ("Old Pro Weighs In on Earnings Quality," B3). oglove wrote the authoritative text Quality of Earnings, which is a must read, especially for the information on taxes, receivables, and inventory.

and here's a controversial idea given the world we live in, with the bear market in stocks right now, jim cramer throwing things around his studio and non-stop ads about trading on cnbc: (and this coincides with the thinking of the good folks at the prudent speculator - if you ever get a chance to hear john buckingham speak, DO IT) one PROVEN way to get rich with stocks is to own small amounts in lots of companies, and then hardly ever sell. buy and hold does pay, even though you will have your share of lemons.

speaking of greenberg, he's washing his hands of printing ink, both liquid and digital. on 5/1/08, he leaves "MarketWatch, Dow Jones and traditional journalism," as he writes in his blog, to start an independent research firm with CFRA's Debbie Meritz.

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