Wednesday, April 2, 2008

random thoughts on the financials rallying

what's going on behind the scenes, making the financial rally stronger with more staying power?

is the threat of a bsc-like run on c now off the table?

will c get broken up?

if so, how long will it take to be completed?

how ironic is it that the fed is willing to buy toxic bbb paper from bsc but won't buy fnm paper because they say they aren't allowed and don't have the authority?

do you find that as ridiculous as i do?

the fed has the authority to take us government money and buy junk, but not paper that has an implicit guarantee from the feds?

are the housing stocks forecasting a genuine turn in housing prices over the next six months?

how important is it that the bonds, the mortgage bonds, the A bonds and the alt-A bonds, are beginning to trade and trade up?

how soon will wfc buy wm?

do these banks "matter," if they are merged or closed - ncc, key, hban, fitb?

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