Wednesday, April 30, 2008

some thoughts on stocks worth owning

how long can aapl go up on rumors of a 3G phone with video capabilities?

if history is any indication, quite a long time.

aapl's one of those stories where there is a story. the smartphone, fully loaded with msft software and a camera that would be like iChat, is simply the best thing that could ever happen to cell phone users. can nok or mot answer it?

the iphone ramp lasted about 50 straight points totally in advance of the release of the design.

could this story be bigger? while one waits, one has a killer mac number building and building as kids need macs to talk to each other. it is, in many ways, a better story than the iphone given that it is already available and already making a lot of money.

in an opaque sort of way, aapl is like ma. aapl's the only tech story that has real momentum and can give you some genuine upside later in the year. ma, only with possibly v, is the only financial story with legitimate upside, given the price increases it is able to sneak in and the worldwide, endless march toward plastic from paper. only game in town!

and none of these companies will be affected by what the fed does.

long v, ma and aapl

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