Tuesday, April 15, 2008

a modest retirement? what the hell is that?

pardon me while i stumble up on my soapbox, but when did it become financial law for everyone to live as well or BETTER than before retirement? is the notion of a modest retirement dead?

frankly, i think the concept of "retirement" is a temporary, and even dangerous, condition of human existence. the concept of retirement was a 20th century invention, and it may not be affordable for society as a whole moving forward. as for being dangerous, i believe one should keep moving - or one dies.

but accepting the idea of a "retirement," whatever happened to saving for it? why do so many people feel it is normal to live like kings? are we all so stupid as to believe the garbage we lap up on tv commercials? (oh please forgive me dennis hopper!) the lexus-driving, middle-aged spoiled folks described in recent articles have no excuse for not being prepared for retirement.

how about this mind-blowing idea: SAVE some of your money; live a little BELOW your means; absolutely lose the word "entitlement" from your vocabulary and see how everything turns out. does the world OWE you anything? i don't think so...

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