Saturday, March 29, 2008

some thoughts that came to mind

since electricity is generated mostly by burning coal, has anyone calculated how much pollution is created by electric cars, even though none of that pollution comes out of their tailpipes?

the next time somebody in the media denies that there is media bias, ask how they explain the fact that there are at least a hundred stories about the shrinking arctic ice cap for every one about the expanding antarctic ice cap, which has now grown to record size.

teaching is very easy if you don't care about doing it right and very hard if you do.

when there are people with multiple convictions for child molestation, what does that say about what wimps we have become that we cannot bring ourselves to put people away, even when they are a continuing danger to children?

the british television documentary, "The Great Global Warming Swindle" is available on dvd. will those schools that forced their students to watch gore's idiotic movie, "An Inconvenient Truth" also show them the other side?

of the presidential candidates in both parties, barack obama is the best performer on stage. he has the most presence, the most command of his words, the most quietly dramatic style. what he actually says, however, is mostly warmed-over 1960s ideas that have been failing ever since.

one of the painful signs of years of dumbed-down education is how many people are unable to make a coherent argument. they can vent their emotions, question other people's motives, make bold assertions, repeat slogans — anything except reason.

people who lament the small percentages of women in some high-end jobs seem unaware that top jobs often involve 70 or 80 hours of work per week. a mother may work that many hours at home taking care of a family, without adding the same number of hours at the office.

a recent study showed the median income of major corporate CEOs to be about $8 million a year. that's less than a third of what a-rod earns and less than one-thirtieth of what oprah makes. but no one is denouncing them for "greed."

it's amazing how many people who want us to get out of iraq want us to go into darfur.

despite people who speak glibly of "earlier and simpler times," all that makes earlier times seem simpler is our ignorance of their complexities.

whenever i hear terrorists referred to in the media as "militants," it is a painful reminder that we have degenerated to the point where we no longer even have the courage to talk straight.

does anybody seriously believe that "hate speech" prohibitions will be applied to muslims demonizing jews, to blacks demonizing whites, or to women demonizing men?

many people who have never held a firearm in their hands are nevertheless convinced that the police fired too many shots in a confrontation with a criminal.

many people who have never run one business for one day are nevertheless confident that they know corporate CEOs are not worth as much as they are paid.

sometimes it seems as if everybody is trying to rip off his own little piece of america, until we are all torn apart.

too many people in positions of responsibility act as if these are just positions of opportunity — for themselves. the ones who simply steal money probably do less harm than teachers who propagandize their students, media who slant the news or politicians who sell out their country's interests in order to get re-elected.

the home run records that made babe ruth famous have been broken but one of his records will probably never be broken — pitching the longest shutout in world series history, 14 innings. few pitchers go even 9 innings these days.

a review of one of the many environmentalist books says that even if you can't do all you would like toward "living green," you can at least "congratulate yourself on taking small steps to improve the planet." is that what environmentalism — the movement - is really all about, self congratulation?

in his book "Income and Wealth," economist alan reynolds says that people often form "strong opinions" based on "weak statistics." unfortunately, that is also true of a wide range of other issues, from "global warming" to "gender bias."

amid all the media hysteria over the price of gasoline and the profits of "Big Oil," one simple fact has been repeatedly overlooked: the oil companies' earnings are just under 10% of the price of a gallon of gas, while taxes take 17%. yet who ever accuses the government of "greed"?

despite political spin about "tax cuts for the rich," cuts in tax rates have led to increases in tax revenues — not only in this administration, but in the reagan administration before that, and the kennedy administration before that, not to mention in india and iceland as well.

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