Saturday, March 8, 2008

buy aapl below 120

yes, the market's in the toilet, and things seem bleak all over. don't believe it - bad times don't last forever - obviously. aapl is one whose stock has been decimated - like many so-called "momemtum" plays - down from about 200 to about 120. buy it below 120. here's what could go RIGHT for aapl:

aapl enters the videogaming market and is a huge hit

jobs makes no missteps, and the company keeps its design engine churning out innovative products

aapl's revenue tops 50 billion in the next 3 years, up almost 4x from 3 years ago

aapl branches out into areas where it has no presence today - a prospect that's bound to make rivals sweat

disclosure: none, but looking to buy under 120 - do your own DD!

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