Monday, September 20, 2010

I've Written It Before - And I'll Write It Again Now - AAPL Is Very Cheap Right Here At $280+.....

One day we will find out who didn't believe in AAPL. One day we will figure out who leaned on it last week, shot it down -- perhaps someone who owned the 280 calls and could short it aggressively? One day we will realize that there were people who simply didn't get the story or, more importantly, refused to use the Rule of 10.

The Rule of 10? Apple is a $28.20 stock. If the earnings estimates are too low and the company has a host of new products that it can roll out with high price points, then you can bet it could trade to $32.50. Why not? That's not much at all; a little more than 10%.

It is only unfathomable when you take a great retail stock like Apple and keep it at these prices, especially when you realize how much money was lost when GOOG dropped from $700 to the $400s.

Apple, in the end, is a retail store filled with Apple goodies. People shop there, they like the products, they want to own the stocks. But the stock is "expensive" in the sense that it is a high dollar amount.

Divide it by 10, and you know you have one of the cheapest stocks in the market.

You have to do the phantom math, and you know why, when we hear about the new-iPad sales and the iPhone China news, we are going to go to $32 if not, perhaps, $35.....

long AAPL

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