Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tech Stuff

Showing a mastery of the obvious, the Wall Street Journal is out today with a story of iPad dominance through 2012. That might be, but my crystal tech ball is seeing a two horse race here - and the other horse is GOOG's Android tablets - which could be surprisingly good and take similar share as the phone platform.

CIEN certainly is severely oversold - and is another primary benefactor of massive traffic growth.

GOOG should be looking in the direction of CIEN. GOOG has already acquired massive dark fiber assets at trough prices, and it is a bandwidth enabler and very intensive customer. A deal in this space would give it multiple-billion-dollar revenue streams to pursue. Names like OCLR, FNSR, TKLC and INAP all come to mind. And most of these names are so cash rich and loaded with NOL's that any deal would be greatly funded through net cash and ensuing free cash flow.....

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