Monday, July 12, 2010


Someone forgot to tell CSX that the domestic economy is having a double-dip. The company delivered a beat.

When I watch C move higher -- slowly, step by step -- I think that the meek shall inherit the market! And I can't help but think that the strength has positive market implications.....

Perma-bears and perma-bulls get attention, and that's about it.

"We mean, of course, the planetary pictures in the sky which are developing towards the tightest harmonic alignments in the most potent areas of the zodiacal circle ever record in Earth's written history. These portend increasing and maximizing intensity and rapidity of 'change' on every level of existence: mineral, vegetable, animal, human and spirit. Will capitalism survive? Will democracy survive? Will our markets survive? Will governments survive? Will humanity survive? Will Earth survive?"

-- Arch Crawford, Crawford Perspectives (July 10, 2010)

Both perma-bears and perma-bulls are attention-getters, not moneymakers.

Buy American, I am.

The three year auction was fine, with an in-line yield and a better bid-to-cover ratio than the past several auctions.

Some back-and-filling after last week's spike would be healthy.

Again, for emphasis: Some back-and-filling after last week's spike would be healthy.

long C