Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tech Thoughts

RMBS got another favorable ruling, and while the stock spiked initially, it's given back much of the gains today.

I look for the stock to trade substantially higher again; in the coming weeks/months. I don't think the mid to high $40's are out of the question for RMBS.

AAPL is finally acting like it should. I also still expect my mini-super-spike notion to occur, which challenges the old highs and possibly breaks them to over $300.

FNSR reaches new highs here and other optical players are getting their bullish mojo going again as well. The ADCT merger did less for the group than I thought it would initially; maybe we are seeing a somewhat delayed reaction to that deal now that market sentiment has moderately improved for the time being......

I thought last week that the market was due to run a good bit. I'm selling nothing so far, but am looking to shed a little if we go a few percent higher.

long AAPL

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