Thursday, July 15, 2010

I see Kass is selling most of his trading longs into this afternoon's ramp - interesting. The ramp seems to have been caused by positive rumors on AAPL; no recall, GS and BP. It sure doesn't seem likely AAPL recalling anything; otherwise they would have been pulling them from shelves, etc. - which it does not appear they are doing. In fact, unscientifically, the AAPL store in the Country Club Plaza was absolutely packed today at 3:30.

Kass is adding to LNC today; I need to get back into that one....

Without alot of studying yet of JPM's quarter - first impression of it is that it was just OK, a little less than meets the eye.

* Trading results were not as bad as feared.

* Non-performers came down nicely.

* Pretax improvement was materially from cost-cutting.

* Deposit growth was disappointing.

* Lower loan-loss provisions aided EPS by 36 cents (nonrecurring) against that nonrecurring charge of 14 cents for the U.K. bonus tax.

* Bottom line: I estimate recurring earnings were better at around 83 cents a share vs. Street expectations of 71 cents a share.

long AAPL

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