Friday, January 22, 2010

Thoughts on GOOG (At Least What I Can Share In A Family Blog.....)

I think the lows are in for GOOG, and this selloff will prove an excellent entry as GOOG will soon be back into the $600's in relatively short order. In fact, I'm raising my low-mid $700's "target" to the low $800's as I feel GOOG may be the cheapest large/mega-cap growth stock on the planet....

The numbers were just great and in fact one could look at ISRG as it posted similar numbers to GOOG and the stock is up $30 plus. These numbers were nearly as good, if not better, given that GOOG is dealing in the global end market of advertising spend - which is down huge in total from the peak.

Bottom line, I've followed every one of GOOG's quarters and I've seen quarters this good from GOOG propel the stock $25-40 higher. And yeah, I bought some more today...

long GOOG

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