Friday, January 22, 2010

Oil Is The Next Easy Target For Our Shameless President

Obviously oil is the next target. A president who cannot get things done, who faces the rejection of the people, must attack entities that are perceived to be hated. He has to. It is right out of the Rahm Emanuel playbook.

You can see it happening. Natural gas should be king now; it is the natural bridge fuel. It'll never happen - you can just feel it.

I now think that Obama could turn on natural gas drilling with a vengeance even if it creates jobs, makes us more energy-independent and is cleaner than coal. Why not? I am sure that he can join those who are saying that it pollutes drinking water; or he might just tax them to the point where it isn't worth drilling.

Or how about big oil? How much do we hate XOM and CVX because they charge so much for oil? Why not tax them several dollars a barrel that they get from leases? That's a winner.

You can just see it coming. He can attack drilling on the same day SLB reports, just like he attacked hedge funds on the same day that GS reports. He can say that he's been talking about it for months. And he can spring it on us.

I wouldn't put it past him. Just makes too much sense politically....

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