Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Thoughts On AAPL

Watched the iPad stuff and it's darn nice; 10 inch display, 10 hours of video viewing on one charge and as I have assumed for some time, the next extension of the iPhone product platform.

I believe this product is simply going to be huge. It's delivered with the look and feel I want and will prove quite hard for others to duplicate. I also think this will be huge for 3/4G and mobile search. Interestingly, I think GOOG and MSFT's Bing can both win here. SNDK looks great too, as we will see a groundswell of flash jogging devices in the coming months/quarters.

I'm projecting AAPL will sell well over 7.5 million iPads in its first year -- based on very generous pricing and data plans.


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