Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our markets, if one can call them that, may have a pleasant ride up into the end of the year. If the stock market does make a final-month push up, that doesn't mean all is well structurally. The stock markets are broken in the United States. There is still no uptick rule; this must be changed immediately. There is absolutely no enforcement of naked shorting laws; some naked shorting is brazenly out in the open. Naked CDS' should not exist. There absolutely must be an insurable interest component to these insurance-like contracts. Right now, there is none. The unregulated existence of ultra-levered ETFs has made the stock markets a joke; they are really casinos.

The world financial system is being destroyed by the incredibly poor policies of the EU, financial terrorism - which utilizes the terrible market rules against the markets, and the use of fractional reserve banking.