Friday, June 17, 2011


League leader Apple's shares broke their 200-day moving average today.

Business Insider reports a rumor that Steve Ballmer might resign at Microsoft.

The stars are now officially aligned, with Nassim Nicholas Taleb calling for a 40% drop in the S&P 500.

"Every single human being should bet Treasury bonds will decline. It's a 'no-brainer' to sell short the debt."

-- Nassim Nicholas Taleb (February 2010)

Um, Taleb made a more dire call on equities at almost the exact bottom of the bull move in equities on August 11, 2010.

Buy, Mortimer.

ETFC is a buy; it's a great value, a potential takeover target.

Run, don't walk, to read David Kansas's Wall Street Journal column on Berkshire Hathaway.

David makes the point that Berkshire's shares rarely have been so inexpensive at only 1.1x book value. (Its historical average in the last decade is about 1.6x.)

Our government consists of partisan morons whose No. 1 objective is to get reelected, not to formulate legislation that will help us out of our current bind.

Lower retail sales and rising inflation in the U.K. indicates that screwflation is hitting the middle class over there.

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