Tuesday, April 7, 2009

some thoughts

opening day - my royals prediction is for 84 wins; 84-78 = enough to win the central?

perusing ibd's big cap 20 provides optimism:

rimm = business and consumer spending
v = same
amzn = consumer spending
ma = business and consumer spending
bby = consumer spending
goog = ad sales
aapl = consumer spending
orcl = business spending
ibm = business spending
emc = business spending

you get the idea...

this story regarding the shadow federal takeover of the banks is getting alot of play, as it should. i hope the varneys, the kudlows, etc. keep harping on it, because this is SCARY stuff. there should be the same outrage as targeted at aig, etc. over the government's supposed refusal to take back tarp $. the only plausible reason for refusal of the paid-back funds would be quasi-nationalization - this must be avoided at all costs.

WE SHOULD HAVE SHOT THAT RINKY-DINK MISSILE DOWN. kim is a pathetic dog with no bite whatsoever. shooting it down would have shown some assertiveness, some toughness. by not shooting it down, that sends a very bad signal to kim jong "ill."

market's down so far (noon central) today. turnaround tuesday later on today? hopefully the re-instatement of some sort of 'uptick' rule tomorrow - one with some actual teeth?

24 years ago; gm announces its "savior" - saturn. gonna save the company. 24 years later; saturn went a long way towards demolishing gm.

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