Monday, April 6, 2009

reasons to be optimistic

yeah, i know the market's down so far today, but here are some reasons to be optimistic moving forward:

banks are making money

the yield curve is positive

money velocity is trending up

the m2m changes, while not huge, (not that we wanted them to be), provide forbearance

airline traffic is better "than expected"

retail sales are recovering - see bby, etc.

copper prices are up - see fcx

used car prices are firming, paving way for new car sales to rise eventually

obama is no longer talking down the economy - figured that one out fairly soon, didn't he? also figured out the stock market matters to us "little folks"

fed finally got it; it will provoke inflation in the long run, but at least there'll BE a long run

some moderate democrats actually have awakened to the excesses in obama's budget

the massive stealth tax on energy known as "cap and trade" is not likely to pass this year

the horrific "card check" will most likely not pass this year either

in spite of sub-freezing "global warming" temps here in ks today, spring is here

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