Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Look Out For The Chiefs In 2009!

So, you don't think a 2-14 team can win a division the next season? Well, I won't even mention the Dolphins in '08......Anyway, let's take a look at the once-proud/once-tough AFC West:

Denver - I see utter disarray right now. Crybaby Cutler wants out; disrupts entire organization.

Oakland - In spite of recent glowing (and probably paid-off/planted) news reports, Al Davis remains feeble-minded when it comes to his bizarre personnel moves. Note to Big Al: It's not 1968 or 1979 anymore. Based on qb issues, defensive issues I still don't see a .500 season coming out of Napa Valley.

San Diego - Team on the decline. Merriman still looks hurt; LT still looks hurt and past his prime (but what a prime it was!). Bad coaching; bad front office.

Kansas City! - Most likely fixed the front office mess. Certainly, even with a rookie head coach, upgraded the staff. Underachieving players already put on notice. Whining suddenly not tolerated. Qb issues most likely solved - goes from weakest position (not good in the most important position on the team) to most likely the strongest. Line problems being addressed; Linebacking problems being fixed. And that's BEFORE the draft......I see a 9-win team already, even before the number 3 pick, etc.

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