Wednesday, June 25, 2008


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Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces
Date: 03/28/2008 Topic: Craft Tips > Soap Making
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What do you do with those little small pieces of leftover soap? Can they be used to make liquid soap? We usually just let them melt away to nothing.

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RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces
Post By Bala (Guest Post) (05/28/2008)
Hey I put the leftover soap bits inside a sock and put a rubber band over it. I then throw it inside the washing machine. It leaves a wonderful personalized smell to the laundry, and the soap is fully used.

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RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces
Post By Michael (Guest Post) (04/04/2008)
I put the pieces into a blender and add a bit of water and mix for about 10 to 15 seconds, I then gently heat this solution in the oven ( in an approved glass bowl) this second step allows all the air to escape that was infused during the mixing process. I then pour it into a mold and let it stand for a few hours to solidify. Once removed I let stand for a few days, it continues to dry and harden. The soap is then usable and is as solid and long lasting as any new bar of soap.

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RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces
Post by BABBIE (99) | (03/31/2008)
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The way I use up my little pieces of bar soap is by putting them in a pump container with a very large lid with a dozen marbles and some water, let it sit for a while, then shake periodically. Adding more water as the soap slivers dissolve.
Out of habit I shake it before each use.

RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces

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RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces
Post By Georgetta Ruth (Guest Post) (03/31/2008)
Here what I have tried in the past. I will get one of those loofah mitts(you can usually find at the dollar store and I stuff the left over soap in the mitt. I use velcro to close up the mitt. Now I have a easy to use shower mitt, with ready made soap.

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RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces
Post By Nana B (Guest Post) (03/31/2008)
I also put the old soap scrap on a new bar, but I put alittle water on the new bar where the old scrap will go and wrap in plastic wrap put in the microwave for about 10 seconds (watch it closely) and then take out let it cool and put back in the bathroom or shower. Never has the old one not adhered to the new one. My husband uses "Dial" so it has a small indentation in the middle of the new bar to start with. Makes a nice fit for the old one.

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RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces
Post by mom-from-missouri (122) | (03/29/2008)
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I made a draw string bag out of a washcloth. All my soap bits go into it for the shower. I hang it to dry between showers

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RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces
Post by MartyD (356) | (03/28/2008)
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I keep soap scraps with my sewing gear. I use them to for marking. I started doing this in the 70s when polyester was so popular. I stained a garment with tailor's chalk. It didn't wash out. I haven't bought it since.

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Request: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces
Post by lewis_admin (1201) | (03/28/2008)
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I would like to use up those little bits of bar soap that seem to get left behind. I have think that there must be a way to re-melt them and use them up.

AA from British Columbia

RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces
To reuse bits of leftover soap, buy a container of glycerin soap from a craft store such as Michael's (they are the cheapest I've found). I get the kind that can be melted in the microwave. Find a soap form such as a small oblong plastic container and spray it with pam or whatever the glycerin manufacturer suggests. Pour in a thin layer of melted glycerin soap, then put the leftover bits of bar soap in another layer, add more melted soap. Alternate layers ending with melted soap until the bar is as big as you want. This kind of soap lasts forever because the soap bits are usually quite dry and don't melt during use.

By Lynn
RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces
Don't throw away that last bit of bar soap. Save them up. Take and old panty hose leg, put the pieces of soap in it, tie it up and hang it in the shower for shower soap! Or, using a food grater, shave the soap pieces into a recycled jar and use it with some baby oil for bath bubbles. Or, when the are still wet, simply press them together to make a new bar.

Post by Denise
RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces
To ensure that the soap stays together, spray alcohol on the pieces you place into the glycerin. It sometimes doesn't bind together if you don't do this. This also prevents bubbles around the edges.

Post by Xerophyia
RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces
I put my soap bits together in a solo type disposable glass with a little water. it fits snug in the towel bar in the shower or on the shower door. I then use one of those fluffy netted scrubbers and simply pour the liquid soap onto it. or let it dry up to a solid and push the scrubbie in the cup to coat with soap. Works for me. (03/28/2006)

RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces
I've been using soap pieces for years because I can't sand to throw something out that is reusable. I place all my soap pieces into a mason jar [qt.size] and pour boiling water over them.just covering the soap pieces.I let them set for about an hour and use a fork or butter knife to kinda break them up.then I might need to pour more hot water on them to fill the jar. leave them alone for a few days and when you go back you can shake the jar and you'll have nice liquid soap.I've even heated it in the microwave if some of the larger pieces didn't melt[taking the cap and ring off the jar first.] but most of the time they do.I buy hand soap in a dispenser at the .99 store and when it's all gone,I pour my soap into the kids like it better because it's softer. (03/28/2006)

By Louise
RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces
I put my bits of soap in a plastic container, whatever size fits your needs, add water and let the soap soften. Then I use this solution for stain removal. Seems that hand soap removes more stains than anything I have found, ring around the collar, makeup smudges, mud, etc. I thought about this one day when I was washing my hands. The hand oap cuts grease, dirt, etc. from our hands, so how about our clothing? (03/29/2006)

By Lois
RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces
Make Your Own Handsoap

You can make your own handsoap from one bar of soap. Grate one (1) small bar of any kind of soap or pieces of leftover soaps and add 3 cups of water. Put mixture in a microwave safe container and zap for 3 minutes. Pour into a handsoap container with a pump when cool. Makes 24 oz. (03/29/2006)

By Ace00
RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces
Along the line of putting soap pieces in old pantyhose, you can also hang one of these by the outside hose for hand washing after gardening. I usually try to stick the old slivers onto my new bar. Depends on the shape of the soap, but they usually just melt together after a few tries. No waste! (04/01/2006)

By beanygurl
RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces
I have never done this, but since you have brought up the subject, I think that I will try it. Keep several of the pieces in a zip lock bag (after they have dried) and wait until you have quite a few. Try melting them in a double boiler or in the microwave. Once melted, pour into any kind of molds. Maybe you could find an old small, shallow pan at a yard sale or thrift store, spray with Pam, pour the "soap" onto the pan and put old cookie cutters into the mixture, and set them in the freezer. It should come out as shaped soap. If I am wrong, I guess that we will both have a soapy mess! (04/02/2006)

By Jamie
RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces
I have ALWAYS piggybacked mine: when the bar get small, just keep it wet for a few minutes while you bathe or shower with the new bar. while both are wet, STICK the two together. Every now and again I have to do it twice but everyone knows not to throw the small one out! (04/11/2006)

By Mary, Crown Point, IN
RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces
First, I try to adhere them to a larger bar I use in the shower. If they fail to adhere (mainly because of the shape of the larger bar), I them use them at the sink to wash my hands--a smaller bar shape is easier to use than in the shower. After the bar gets to a small sliver, I usually save them in a container and later grate them up to make home made laundry detergent (actually soap). Occasionally, I'll mix the grated pieces into a home made soap right before it is poured into molds. After it is cut into bars and dried, you get neat mosaic bars of soap. (05/28/2006)

By susanmajp

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