Monday, June 2, 2008

monday musings

was reading an old-fashioned almanac over the weekend (ca. 1999) - was interested to see that under the 'people' section, there were entries for the all-important shelley fabares and mike farrell - but no entry for richard feynman! - interesting...

if you've never seen les claypool or primus in concert - run to see the next available performance....

is it me or is 'rolling stone' becoming more and more desperate in their liberalism? (and that's not a political comment - i hate politics and try very hard not to waste my time with conservatism, liberalism or any other kind of 'ism')

david michaelis' bio of charles schulz is an excellent look at the cartoonist's maddeningly-contradictory, sometimes-sad life

would feynman still criticize string theory today? (i have a hard time believing in string theory - and i bet feynman would be EXTREMELY critical of string theory today)

hendrix, duane allman or srv?

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