Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Some Stuff I Own And Am Considering Buying, Etc.......

AVAV is a play on alternative energy and grid plays. AVAV is in the thick of this theme. Interestingly, this stock also has a defense kicker as well. The next resistance zone is around $33-34 which I think the stock clears and longer term their battery tech area should provide the power for this name.

An old favorite, AAPL - I'm again fairly aggressively positioned in this name and have increased my exposure in front of the next earnings call and think the stock might trade into the $225-235 area within weeks to months. As written numerous times, I'm sticking by my low to mid $300's target and feel I may even increase that number sometime this year. I see the tablet somewhat different than many do and will have more on that later. In the meantime, the iPhone is a platform, not a product and feel that platform is the most significant in the company's history. That's a short way of saying I think the iPhone is somewhat taken for granted at this time and the stock isn't fully reflecting the upside for this device platform which I feel the tablet may highly leverage. Also, the new Snow Leopard launch has also received little fanfare but the product is a gem and sales are superb. I also feel at some point AAPL may find a way to better monetize their far superior operating system. Lastly, you can now buy a Macbook for under a grand. This power and performance you get in this product at this price point is stunning and I think we see Mac share growth continue to increase powered by their portable lines.

RVBD I think can play some catchup in the coming weeks. This is another name that had a pretty good recovery off of lows but looks to be pretty darn cheap on the fundies at current levels. I've been honing in on more M&A targets lately and this name always finds a way to the top of my lists for tech M&A......

DELL I actually think is an M&A target in waiting. More on this later.

BRCM will probably, as the best chip stock on the planet, has to get back to being mentioned in the same breath as AAPL, GOOG and BIDU. Frankly, given the move in the SOX, the move in BRCM hasn't been that great. BRCM is everywhere they want to be and where they are they dominate. This Dune purchase from them is very good and will aid the dominance in certain areas......

I also continue to like NDAQ, and is one of the cheapest growth names I know. Seems the Fast Money folks are starting to agree as I read they mentioned the name last night. Not much to say here except I think tax loss selling for the last few weeks has kept this down and I think next year will show a lot more value for this name.


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