Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jonathan Swift, EPA Administrator

While Gulliver's Travels is regarded as a children's story today, it was written as a political satire. What would Swift have made of yesterday's ruling by the EPA that carbon dioxide poses a threat to human health (duh; that's why we exhale it)?

Let's bring America's tort lawyers into the act next. Anyone who exhales is endangering their neighbors. Any lawnmower is a threat to human health. All volcanoes, forest fires and other natural carbon dioxide sources are tortfeasors. All countries who allow the wind to blow carbon dioxide across our borders are committing a hostile act.

While I do not take the extreme position that all climate control legislation is about asserting ever-greater political control and extracting taxes from the gullible, (Gullible's Travails?) I certainly can see how the EPA's actions will do nothing to discourage the fringe. Taken to the extreme, this is a tax on breathing.....

By the way, what's is Air Force One's carbon footprint for traveling to Copenhagen and then hopping over to Oslo to collect that hard-earned Nobel Peace Prize? I somehow think it is greater than mine for today, tomorrow and quite possibly the rest of my life......

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