Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Must State This

As the fictional Hyman Roth said to the equally fictional Michael Corleone in the very real Godfather II, "This is the business we've chosen." Each of us needs to remind ourselves at all times of the rules, both the written and especially the unwritten, that govern our affairs within a given business.

To that end, an absolute good riddance to Tom Daschle, the latest entrant in the Leona Helmsley "taxes are for little people" parade. If you are going to be in public life, if that's the business you have chosen, you have to be prepared for the well-greased rubber glove as a cost of doing that business. What, Tom, did you think you were invisible?

This leaves Tim Geithner in an untenable position. I cannot imagine the career IRS examiners are very pleased about having a two-bit tax cheat's picture on their wall. It's time to spend more time with the family and pursue personal interests, Timmy Boy.

I'll be thinking about this while I prepare my future tax returns, and then have some sanctimonious political lowlife tell me about how my "fair share" should in fact be much higher.

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