Friday, February 29, 2008

it looks like the market is screaming again for the fed to act

not that i think it's the "one and perfect solution," but the market seems to be screaming for the fed to intervene again. with today's depressing and very nasty selloff, it seems the market is trying to force the fed's hand. it may be that that has to happen in order for this selloff not to steamroll.

what a remarkable market, hanging on by a thread, and that thread is the idea that the fed will keep cutting - which i think it will. i know there are many out there who think it does not matter. i think it would matter if the banks could liquefy and it would matter if the rest of the government would be creative.

obviously, nobody's buying. lots of chatter out there about some hedge fund allegedly liquidating. they are always getting fingered for the selloffs in any segments. amazing - the only thing we have on a day like today is the hope that the fed is watching. i think the fed is watching; and that they will, however reluctantly, cut again and again. but at what time and from what level?

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